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Restoring backup has no tables

jengojengo EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
I am trying to get xtrabackup working on a very old version of MySQL. This system is 5.1 (all InnoDB), yes the plan is to update it but it will be a month out. I am just trying to get better backups then the existing once a day mysqldump.

I have xtrabackup 2.0 installed, run the backup. Prepare the backup. Tar up transfer to s3. Unpack on instance that has MySQL 5.1 and xtrabackup 2.0.

After I ran the restore procedures in the 2.0 docs (using rsync). I start MySQL and the databases are there. But no tables. The data is there, if I grep for some keywords in the ibdata1.

Any suggestions ? I am rather baffled at this.


  • jengojengo Entrant Inactive User Role Beginner
    Doh! I figured it out. I missed the part of the docs that say to use innobackupex since xtrabackup does not copy the .frm files.

    I got it working
  • dukeduke Entrant Legacy User Role Beginner
    Hi Jengo,

    thx for your "resulution".

    I still have this problem in a scenario with percona mysql 5.5 and xtrabackup 2.2.10-1.lucid .

    No frm files have been copied and I think that should be versions where innobackupex should haven been marked depcreated ... but how to I get the xtrabackup with frm files then ?

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