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How to check whether percona-server for mongodb is installed properly and running

dnguyendnguyen EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
1) Installed percona-server-mongodb-3.0.10-1.5-r376fb62-trusty-amd64 on a Ubuntu 14.04 server.

2) After the installation, the dpkg check (dpkg -l | grep percona) shows the following:
ii percona-server-mongodb 3.0.10-1.5.trusty amd64 This metapackage will install the mongo shell, import/export tools, other client utilities, server software, default configuration, and init.d scripts.
ii percona-server-mongodb-dbg 3.0.10-1.5.trusty amd64 Debugging package for Percona Server for MongoDB
ii percona-server-mongodb-mongos 3.0.10-1.5.trusty amd64 This package contains mongos - the Percona Server for MongoDB sharded cluster query router
ii percona-server-mongodb-server 3.0.10-1.5.trusty amd64 This package contains the Percona Server for MongoDB server software, default configuration files and init.d scripts
ii percona-server-mongodb-shell 3.0.10-1.5.trusty amd64 This package contains the Percona Server for MongoDB shell
ii percona-server-mongodb-tools 3.0.10-1.5.trusty amd64 Mongo tools for high-performance MongoDB fork from Percona

3) The followling lines are in /etc/init.d/mongod:
# Start the process using the wrapper

4) "sudo service mongod start" launches "/usr/bin/mongod -f /etc/mongod.conf"

5) mongo db.version() shows 3.0.10-1.5

Question: How to verify that percona-server is running, as the following checks don't provide any information related to percona:
1) ps -ef | grep percona
2) grep -i percona /var/log/mongodb/mongod.log


  • goldstrikegoldstrike Contributor Inactive User Role Beginner
    PSMDB = mongodb plus PerconaFT/Rocksdb storage engine

    On the surface, it was still a mongodb.

    ps -ef |grep mongod
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