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xtrabackup dumps only one DB

djmentosdjmentos EntrantInactive User Role Beginner

I'm trying to backup whole MySQL instance, running:
sudo xtrabackup --user=root --password=secret.8 --backup --target-dir="/tmp/backup_dir"

It copies mysql, performance_schema, test_staging DBs properly, and in the last dir: test_production it is only db.opt file without any table files. Any hint how to fix it?

ls /tmp/backup_dir
tmp/test/2016-04-05_12-10-59# ls
backup-my.cnf  test_production  mysql               xtrabackup_binlog_info  xtrabackup_info
ibdata1        test_staging     performance_schema  xtrabackup_checkpoints  xtrabackup_logfile
# ls -l mysql | wc -l
# ls -l performance_schema/ | wc -l
# ls -l test_staging | wc -l
# ls -l test_production/ | wc -l
Both test_* should contain same tables (but with another data).


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