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Crash during index building (out of mem)

MiseasMiseas EntrantCurrent User Role Beginner
I'm trying to update from tokumx to PSMDB (3.0.9-1.4) and when I try to create an index, during the process mongod begin to use more and more memory, until it run out of memory and crash. I tried several times with the same result. Could you please help me?. :(.
Running on Linux dedicated server with 8gb mem.
Thank you in advance.


  • MiseasMiseas Entrant Current User Role Beginner
    I just made it work by restarting mongo with:
    mongod --config /etc/mongod.conf --PerconaFTEngineCacheSize=1073741824
    Instead of using default value, I set 1GB for the size of the engine cache.
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