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Regular Expression or Regexp syntax

pnkdoshipnkdoshi EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
Hi all,
I am relativity new to this product and going through some of the pains of understanding the initial setup.So I am probably going to ask some very basic questions.

Regular Expressions are their own language. I am having a hard time making something simple work. The below is a command I am using and at one point I had this working to backup just the one db. Now I cant get it to run properly. Also, if I need to do two schemas, how do I do that?

innobackupex --defaults-file=xxxx --login-path=xxxx --no-timestamp --include=’^mysql[.]/’ /tmp//xtrabackup/Monday/ #One
innobackupex --defaults-file=xxxx --login-path=xxxx --no-timestamp --include=’^(mysql[.]|information_schema[.])/’ /tmp//xtrabackup/Monday/ #Two?


  • pnkdoshipnkdoshi Entrant Inactive User Role Beginner
    Just curious if anyone has any experience with this.
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