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Percona XtraDB Cluster - HAProxy - sysbench FAILED!

nulosnulos EntrantCurrent User Role Beginner

I has 3 XtraDB Percona Server Cluster Master-Master.
I just installed HAProxy ( when I make a sysbench I have the following error:
# sysbench --test=oltp --db-driver=mysql --mysql-engine-trx=yes --mysql-table-engine=innodb --mysql-host= --mysql-port=3307 --mysql-user=sbtest --mysql-password=sbpass --oltp-table-size=10000 --num-threads=8 run
  sysbench 0.4.12:  multi-threaded system evaluation benchmark
  Running the test with following options:
  Number of threads: 8
  Doing OLTP test.
  Running mixed OLTP test
  Using Special distribution (12 iterations,  1 pct of values are returned in 75 pct cases)
  Using "BEGIN" for starting transactions
  Using auto_inc on the id column
  Maximum number of requests for OLTP test is limited to 10000
  Threads started!
  ALERT: failed to execute mysql_stmt_execute(): Err1317 Query execution was interrupted
  FATAL: database error, exiting...
HAProxy config:
frontend pxc-front
bind *:3307
mode tcp
default_backend pxc-back

backend pxc-back
mode tcp
balance leastconn
option httpchk
  server sql01 check port 9200 inter 12000 rise 3 fall 3
  server sql02 check port 9200 inter 12000 rise 3 fall 3
  server sql03 check port 9200 inter 12000 rise 3 fall 3

HAProxy doesn't with Percona XtraDB Cluster master-master ?

Thank you for your help
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