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pt-table-sync fails "Turning off AutoCommit"

alvarado-viragalvarado-virag EntrantCurrent User Role Beginner
While trying to use pt-table-sync with the following options for a list of slaves:

pt-table-sync --print --replicate schema.checksum_table --sync-to-master slave-001

I receive the following error message on some of the slaves:
DBD::mysql::db STORE failed: Turning off AutoCommit failed at /usr/lib/perl5/ line 723.

The MySQL version for the slave is 5.6.17 and for the master 5.6.15. Other slaves for which this does work also have MySQL 5.6.15 version.
I am able to turn off session autocommit if I log in to the slave directly using MySQL client and the same user being used for pt-table-sync.
The checksum table in use was created by previously running pt-table-checksum. version:
$ perl -MDBI -e 'print "$DBI::VERSION\n";'

Has anyone encountered this issue before?

Please let me know if you need me to provide more information.

Thank you.
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