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Percona Amazon RDS Monitoring Template for Cacti

thinhduckhoithinhduckhoi EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
Hi guys!
The leader in my team asked me to monitor RDS Instance AWS using Cacti so I gave Google a quick search and found out about this Percona Amazon RDS Monitoring Template for Cacti. This was the article that i followed.
The point is when i was trying to test the scripts, there was a error came up said: Unable to get a RDS statistics.
I checked the AWS key carefully and i'm sure there is nothing to do with this.
And i also trying to add a RDS template in XML format downloaded from Percona homepage but when i add a new device in Cacti, i dont know how to do.
What to do with

In the case i left it out, the graph appeared with no data. I dont know why. You guys have any idea about it?


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