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v.2.3.x exits with the error (though the backup succeeds).

hakoarhakoar EntrantCurrent User Role Beginner
When I run the xtrabackup with following options, the exit code will not be "0" even when the backup succeeds?:
--safe-slave-backup --slave-info
Not checking slave open temp tables for --safe-slave-backup because host is not a slave
Failed to get master binlog coordinates from SHOW SLAVE STATUS
This means that the server is not a replication slave. Ignoring the --slave-info option
The source may or may not be a slave server and thus the exit code should be "0" when the backup has completed successfully.
This was working right with earlier versions?


  • trompxtrompx Entrant Current User Role Beginner
    I have the exact same problem, the exit code is 1 when I make the backup on the master with --salve-info while it should just ignore it as it is written and return 0. I did not have this problem before but I built a new image and it looks like the apt version has changed something.
  • scott.nemesscott.nemes MySQL Sage Current User Role Patron
    Hi hakoar/trompx;

    It does look like that is a bug (labeled as for PXC only, but appears to just be Xtrabackup in general):

    So if you have not done so already, I would visit the bug page and mark that it affects you.

  • trompxtrompx Entrant Current User Role Beginner
    Hello Scott,

    Thanks for the fast answer. That bug does not really affect me as I can just set the --salve-info if the server is a slave and not if it is a master.
    However, since I reinstalled xtrabackup with apt-get percona-xtrabackup, my backup/restore stream process to S3 is broken.

    The backup still works with something like :
    $INNOBACKUPEXFULL --defaults-file=$MYCNF --encrypt=AES256 --encrypt-key-file=${keyfile} --stream=xbstream --compress --user=$MYSQL_BACKUP_USER --password=$MYSQL_BACKUP_PASS --socket=$MYSQL_SOCKET $SLAVE_INFO ./ 2> ${LOGFILE} | pv | ${S3GOF3R} put -b $S3_BUCKET -k $S3_BACKUP_NAME/${timestamp}.xbcrypt

    However, the restore :
    ${S3GOF3R} get -b $S3_BUCKET -k $BACKUP_PATH | xbcrypt --encrypt-algo=AES256 --decrypt --encrypt-key-file=${keyfile} | xbstream -x -C ${FOLDER_PATH}
    now fails with error : "xbcrypt:xb_crypt_read_chunk: wrong chunk magic at offset 0x0."

    I did not check what was the previous xtrabackup version when everything was working (installed maybe a month ago), was it the 2.2.12 ?
    I would like to reinstall it from source or any other install procedure that allows me to specify a specific version.

    Thank you.
  • trompxtrompx Entrant Current User Role Beginner
    I managed to rollback the version with apt-get install percona-xtrabackup=2.1.8-1

    When backing up, the size of the backup was changing from version 2.3.2 to 2.1.8

    - 2.3.2-1 : 1.9MB on S3
    ​When backing up with pv
    1.53MB 0:00:01 [1.52MB/s] [ <=>
    1.93MB 0:00:01 [1.23MB/s] [ <=>
    duration: 3.419386364s

    - 2.1.8-1 : 3.5MB on S3
    When backing up with pv
    1.53MB 0:00:01 [1.43MB/s] [ <=>
    1.53MB 0:00:02 [ 0B/s] [ <=>
    3.51MB 0:00:03 [1.99MB/s] [ <=>
    3.51MB 0:00:03 [ 959kB/s] [ <=>
    duration: 6.257668918s

    I don't know if some extra files are copied with the old version but at least the restore process is working now again.
    I would be interested to make this work with 2.3.2 as the size on S3 seems to be better.
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