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Howto backup only innodb files (no myisam stuff) with 2.3.2?

Frank SteinerFrank Steiner EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
incremental backups with xtrabackup 2.3.2 is somewhat useless for a database with 400GB of myisam tables and 50 GB of innodb tables, because in every incremental backup the 400 GB myisam stuff is copied again (now that xtrabackup includes myisam files and obsoletes innobackupex).

How can we revert the old behaviour and update innodb files only, completely ignoring all myisam tables?

Btw, to make incremental backup really usable with large myisam tables, it shouldn't be too hard to use rsync on the myisam files together with "--link-dest=.../full/" to create a directory for the incremental backup that contains only the changed files and symlinks the others. The merge process could then just move the real files (that are not links) from the inc/ dir over the ones in the full/ dir.
Then an incremental backup would really be incremental for both, innodb and myisam tables.



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