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Issue applying logs to full backup

mjfagamjfaga EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
Hi - I'm trying to apply the logs to a full back up I just took. However, I'm receiving the following error:

innobackupex: got a fatal error with the following stacktrace: at /usr/bin/innobackupex line 3910
    main::check_args() called at /usr/bin/innobackupex line 1531
innobackupex: Error: Too many command line arguments

To take my backup, I ran the following command:
innobackupex -user=root --no-timestamp /backup/prod-db/percona/2015-08-30

After the completed, successfully, I attempted to apply the logs to give myself a stable backup to restore from:
[/I][/B][I][B]innobackupex —apply-log /backup/prod-db/percona/2015-08-30[/B][/I][B][I]

Running this commend resulted in the error message above.

Additional information:
Using server version 5.5.41-0+wheezy1
xtrabackup version 2.2.12 based on MySQL server 5.6.24 Linux (x86_64) (revision id: 8726828)

Any help is appreciated!



  • scott.nemesscott.nemes MySQL Sage Current User Role Patron
    Hi mjfaga;

    Are you by chance copying your commands from somewhere? Your apply-log command has one of Windows' lovely "em dashes" that gets created from two hyphens (--). If you delete that and put back in the two hyphens, like --apply-log, it should work.

  • mjfagamjfaga Entrant Inactive User Role Beginner
    Wow - sorry about that... I was copying from my Apple notes - didn't even notice the missing dash. Thanks, and sorry for the trouble!
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