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updating galera2 to galera3 in percona-xtradb-5.6 cluster

giomandagiomanda ContributorInactive User Role Beginner

I have a percona cluster of three nodes running innodb 5.6 with galera 2.12. I wish to do a rolling upgrade from galera2 to galera3 .
I saw the article regarding the upgrade process which states that i should set wsrep_provider_options=”socket.checksum=1″ in order to have compatibilities with the different galera versions.

However, doing so, when i restart the server i get the following error and the server wont start.

"Unrecognized parameter 'socket.checksum'"

Any ideas?


  • giomandagiomanda Contributor Inactive User Role Beginner
    oops, just figured out, this setting mus be enabled on the galera3 node.
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