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When percona server 5.7 becomes available to downloading from percona repositories?

GenryUGenryU EntrantCurrent User Role Beginner
When percona server 5.7 ready-to-use packages becomes available to downloading under Ubuntu from percona repositories?


  • ernstaeernstae Entrant Current User Role Beginner
    Hi there. I have been anxiously awaiting the MySQL 5.7 release, and have been annoying people at my work about how important a release it will be. We especially have use cases where multi-source replication is critical to our workflow (and right now, we've hacked together a wrapper around the Percona Toolkit's pt-table-sync to band-aid us until we can fully transition those environments to MySQL 5.7 -- though we don't necessarily like this particular situation).

    I imagine that once the community MySQL 5.7 is available in GA, we'll see some betas from Percona.
  • noodlesnznoodlesnz Contributor Inactive User Role Beginner
    I don't see a branch on Percona's github for 5.7 yet, so hopefully they're working on it. I've been asking on twitter for the last few weeks, but no one has answered.
  • GenryUGenryU Entrant Current User Role Beginner
    Any news on the subject?
  • noodlesnznoodlesnz Contributor Inactive User Role Beginner
    After doing some digging I can see mention of it on here:, it says expected 2015-11-30, but I don't think that date is concrete.
  • RoelVandePaarRoelVandePaar Contributor Inactive User Role Beginner
    Percona Server 5.7 Release Candidate 1:
    Percona Server 5.7 GA is in progress... not ready yet, but not too far off either.
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