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The Cycle: Incremental Backup > Preparation > Restoration > Incremental Backup

nikhil.lingalanikhil.lingala EntrantLegacy User Role Beginner

I have been trying to test Percona innobackupex to achieve incremental backups.

Full backup and restore:
That worked like a charm.

Then I tried the incremental backup - below are the steps:
Could you kindly let me know your thoughts? Thanks very much in advance!



  • nikhil.lingalanikhil.lingala Entrant Legacy User Role Beginner
    In short, is it advisable at all, to merge a full-prepared backup (CB1) with the upcoming incremental backups (IB4, IB5 and so on)?

    If so, can we consider this composite backup (CB1) as full-backup and just repeat the process of merging them just like we do it for the first time? Or there is some other way to do this?
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