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Increase transaction query performance

selvasaysselvasays EntrantCurrent User Role Participant

I am installed My SQL 4.1 database under Red Hat linux with 1GB RAM.

Table A (No Index) having two columns

Table B (No Index) also having the same structure (MobileNo and Name)

Table A having 5,400,000 records.
Table B having 1,200,000 records.

this is query to run

delete A from A,B where A.MobileNo = B.MobileNo

It is taking more than 6 hrs.

I am using default my.cnf file setting.

How to improve the performance to change the my.cnf file?


  • vgattovgatto Contributor Current User Role Advisor
    Can you elaborate a little? In particular, are these tables MyISAM or InnoDB? Did you attempt this delete on a system with a heavy transaction load or on a test system? Can you provide the results of SHOW CREATE TABLE for both of these tables? What are the results of:

    EXPLAIN SELECT A.* FROM A, B WHERE A.MobileNo = B.MobileNo;
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