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Baracuda innoDB file format question

mikea730mikea730 EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
When innodb_file_format is set to Baracuda, what change is actually happening? From what I read, if innodb_file_format is set to Baracuda, and new tables are created with the ROW_FORMAT "Dynamic" or "Compressed" they will use the Baracuda file format. If the ROW_FORMAT is set to "Compact" or "Redundant", then the Antelope file format is used. When innodb_file_format is set to Baracuda, does that mean that the Baracuda file format is loaded in addition to Antelope so all 4 ROW_FORMATS can be supported? Or does Baracuda also support the older Antelope ROW_FORMATS? For new MySQL servers we build, I would like to set the innodb_file_format to Baracuda, but I want to make sure I understand how the older ROW_FORMATS are supported.

UPDATE: sorry, I just noticed that I posted this in the Cloud forum. I meant to post in the "MySQL and Percona Server" forum.

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