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percorna toolkit 2.2.13 - ​pt-online-schema-change bus error (core dumped)

cirpocirpo EntrantInactive User Role Beginner

I'm using pt-online-schema-change for altering a table on mysql 5.6 on ubuntu 14.10, but with no success.

After "2015-03-12T15:08:06 Dropped new table OK." I get "bus error (core dumped)".

This is the command I'm running:
pt-online-schema-change --version-check --user root --password xxxx --database test h=,t=order_item --alter-foreign-keys-method "rebuild_constraints" --alter "ADD COLUMN refunded_by varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL" --execute

and this is the output:
➜ pt-online-schema-change --version-check --user root --password xxxx --database test h=,t=order_item --alter-foreign-keys-method "rebuild_constraints" --alter "ADD COLUMN refund_by varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL" --execute
No slaves found. See --recursion-method if host cirpux has slaves.
Not checking slave lag because no slaves were found and --check-slave-lag was not specified.
Operation, tries, wait:
copy_rows, 10, 0.25
create_triggers, 10, 1
drop_triggers, 10, 1
swap_tables, 10, 1
update_foreign_keys, 10, 1
Child tables:
`test`.`sales_order_item_status_history` (approx. 1 rows)
`test`.`sales_return` (approx. 1 rows)
Will use the rebuild_constraints method to update foreign keys.
Altering `test`.`sales_order_item`...
Creating new table...
Created new table test._order_item_new OK.
Altering new table...
Altered `test`.`_order_item_new` OK.
2015-03-12T15:12:41 Creating triggers...
2015-03-12T15:12:41 Created triggers OK.
2015-03-12T15:12:41 Copying approximately 1671767 rows...
Copying `test`.`sales_order_item`: 44% 00:37 remain
Copying `test`.`sales_order_item`: 79% 00:15 remain
2015-03-12T15:14:00 Dropping triggers...
2015-03-12T15:14:00 Dropped triggers OK.
2015-03-12T15:14:00 Dropping new table...
2015-03-12T15:14:00 Dropped new table OK.
`test`.`sales_order_item` was not altered.
[1] 20420 bus error (core dumped) pt-online-schema-change --version-check --user root --password root --databas

Do you have any suggestions on how to get more information on what's going on? Or even a solution :P



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