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Nagios State Unkown

matmat EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
Good day

we have a small problem with the percona monitoring plugins for nagios.

We use for a MySQL Galera Cluster several checks with pmp-check-mysql-status.

Primary Cluster
pmp-check-mysql-status -x wsrep_cluster_status -C '==' -T str -c non-Primary -L local

Node State
pmp-check-mysql-status -x wsrep_local_state_comment -C '\!=' -T str -w Synced -L local

Cluster Size
pmp-check-mysql-status -x wsrep_cluster_size -C "<=" -w 2 -c 1 -L local

Flow Control
pmp-check-mysql-status -x wsrep_flow_control_paused -w 0.1 -c 0.9 -L local

The Problem is if the database offline or not reachable or the login is wrong, the check change it state to unkown. But we want for this case an critical if the check cannot be processed.

So i could modify the script itself but it's a very dirty solution and i didn't find another solution at the moment.

What would be the best practice way?
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