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mysql.innodb_index_stats "Duplication Entry" error on restore

chrschchrsch EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
Hej there,

since MySQL 5.6 there are at least two new tables located in the mysql database:

- innodb_index_stats
- innodb_table_stats

Now my problem. I tried to recover from a full database dump, including the mysql database. All databases were created and rows inserted successfully, except the mysql database.

At this point i always get:

ERROR 1062 (23000) at line 9476752: Duplicate entry 'XXXXXXXXXXXX-PRIMARY-n_diff_pfx01' for key

I think i know why this is happening. And I fixed this issue by editing the dump file and changed “insert into” to “replace into”. But I don’t know how to act right to avoid further problems like this.

I’d think the following way is a good solution. What do you think? Is there an alternative?

on dump ignore `mysql.innodb_index_stats' and `mysql.innodb_table_stats'
and an replication also ignore these tables

What is best practice for this matter?

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