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Help with auth_pam plugin

migueltubiamigueltubia EntrantCurrent User Role Beginner

i need some help to resolve one problem with Percona's auth_pam plugin.

I have a CentOS with mysql server 5.6 (i have also test 5.5).
I have downloaded, compiled and installed auth_pam. All of these steps ok. I have configure
auth       required
account    required

After this, i hava created one user as specified at the documentation:
CREATE USER 'miguel.tubia'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED WITH auth_pam;

Of course, the password field is empty. I want to auth using sssd, which is configured to query our LDAP server.

On one Debian box, it has worked perfect.

Now, on this CentOS box, it doesn't work. When I'm going to login with the new user created and my ldap password, I get a login failed error.
Anyway, if i login with an empty password, I can login ok. I think that mysql is not using the pam plugin...

I don't know how to debug it. I don't get any error, i don't see any log with useful information.
Any help is welcome...

Best regards,


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