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Xtrabackup and the read lock ( --stream + many no ibd files )

rockandskarockandska EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
Hi Percona's Community,

First, thanks for all your incredible works , informations and tools.

Today I'm facing a problem than i had in the past to rebuild my slave and i'm looking for an advice to avoid the huge read lock than i've had ( ~ 1h on the master, ouch ! )

It's a huge server with about 2TB of data ( ~9416 databases , ~400000 tables for 922433 files => 556414 are not ibd files )

I can't make a local backup and can't use the rsync option

Is there a solution to avoid this read lock or reduce it ? ( it seems not )

After reading the documentation, could you ensure me than the step who does the read lock happen after than the ibd files was copied ? ( last step ? )

Is there someone who tested the patch submit by Michael Kefeder here ? It seems than this patch could help in this kind of situation

Thanks for your advice,

Best regards,
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