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streaming backup with --databases option created more databases

cssanangelescssanangeles EntrantLegacy User Role Beginner
hi, I successfully stream a backup to another host but use --databases=list option to only limit to 3 databases but it stream 5 to the slave host, can you tell me why or what could have cause that?

sudo innobackupex --defaults-file=/db/mysql/5.6/data/my.cnf --databases="db1 mysql performance_schema" --user=root --password=xxx --stream=xbstream /home/xtrabackup/ | ssh ipaddr "xbstream -x -C /db/mysql/5.6/data/"


  • Nickolay IhalainenNickolay Ihalainen Entrant Legacy User Role Beginner

    Could you try percona xtrabackup 2.2.10 for partial backups?
    Don't forget that you should use --export option for prepare and restore procedure includes importing table spaces.
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