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pt-table-sync requires binlog_format=STATEMENT even with --print and --dry-run

acerolaacerola ContributorCurrent User Role Novice
I would like to use pt-table-sync to check if the slave has the same data as its master. But I want it to be a read-only check, without any changes to the master or slave.

I tried:
pt-table-sync --print --dry-run --sync-to-master --verbose h=localhost,D=xxx,t=xxx,u=xxx,p=xxx

pt-table-sync --print --dry-run --verbose h=localhost,D=xxx,t=xxx,u=xxx,p=xxx h=master_ip,P=xxx,D=xxx,t=xxx,u=xxx,p=xxx

pt-table-sync --print --dry-run --verbose h=master_ip,P=xxx,D=xxx,t=xxx,u=xxx,p=xxx h=localhost,D=xxx,t=xxx,u=xxx,p=xxx

In all cases I got the error:
This tool requires binlog_format=STATEMENT, but the current binlog_format is set to ROW and an error occurred while attempting to change it.

Is it possible to do a read-only check, without changing anything on either the master or slave? In other words, the users used to do the checking only have the SELECT privilege.


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