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One or more MySQL tables has errors or is corrupt

krishnakrishna ContributorInactive User Role Beginner
Hi Team,

We are using xb-mgr tool to get the backup from remote hosts. All the configured backups are working fine except one which has thrown the error
" [ERROR] One or more MySQL tables has errors or is corrupt, check /backup/test/prepare/mysqlcheck.log for details". There is no folder by name prepare, we could only find /backup/test/full & incremental.

The DB size is around 500GB. Let me know if there is any easiest way to get a successful backup as it is the only one server existing in production where OS upgrade is done having added additional disk. We have enough disk space on the server where backup is extracted. Need to copy the successful backup onto the other host and setup replication.

Could you please suggest the best way to recover from this situation, we will not be in a position to restart the MySQL instance.

Best Regards,
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