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5.5 nodes won't gracefully shutdown

jolanjolan EntrantInactive User Role Beginner

I have a 3 node test cluster that I'm trying to upgrade to 5.6.

Unfortunately, I can't even get the nodes to stop gracefully so I can upgrade them.

- '/etc/init.d/mysql stop' returns "fail" after 5 minutes.

- 'service mysql stop' just seems to call /etc/init.d/mysql stop

- 'mysqladmin shutdown' returns immediately without any message

- 'kill -TERM' doesn't work

The only thing that works is kill -9 which doesn't leave things in a good state for an upgrade.

This cluster has practically no load at all, maybe 1-5 queries per second.

It doesn't appear to be a problem with innodb either:


I'm using the latest packages for Ubuntu trusty.

Source: percona-xtradb-cluster-5.5
Version: 5.5.39-25.11-816.trusty

Any ideas?


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