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pt-slave-restart failed with Argument isn't numeric in sort at pt-slave-restart line

ashish10.akgashish10.akg EntrantCurrent User Role Beginner

I'm getting below error:
pt-slave-restart -u [user] -p[pwd] -h xxx -P 3372 --error-numbers=1032
2014-09-26T04:12:40 P=3372,h=[host],p=...,u=[user] mysql-relay-bin.003489 19453709 1032
Argument "6706958-7001820" isn't numeric in sort at /usr/bin/pt-slave-restart line 5078.

I've installed percona-toolkit-2.2.10-1 [rpm]
and mysql version is 5.6.19-log [GPL] with GTID enabled.
Below are the Retrieved and executed GTID from show slave status ::

Retrieved_Gtid_Set: c587fe6d-0969-11e4-8593-00163e000236:6706958-6869642:6869644-8049405
Executed_Gtid_Set: 51be3cdf-c691-11e3-91af-00163e000a09:1-1790455:6970750-6970751,

Please suggest how i can run it. as i read in new release document of percona that now it also support for GTID replication.
Thanks in advance.
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