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Using Percona Configuration Wizard for version 5.6

nicomnicom EntrantCurrent User Role Beginner
Hi There
After using the Configuration wizzard here :

One has the values to put into your my.cnf file
sudo nano /etc/my.cnf

The following values need to be used :
innodb-buffer-pool-size = 24G
datadir = /app/mysql/

I had to make a symlink for : /var/lib/mysql to point to my new drive partition : /app/mysql
sudo ln -s /app/mysql /var/lib/mysql

As I could not figure out how to get datadir = /app/mysql/ to work

However Percona has discontinued the /etc/my.cnf file for version 5.6.

The question is :
How do you use the values from the Percona Configuration Wizard with version 5.6 without using the my.cnf file ?

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