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30 indexes ... error: cannot export over 31 indexes

t0mmytt0mmyt EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
So I'm trying to use xtrabackup to create an export of one table. This table is reasonably sized and has 30 indexes.

When I go to prepare for export, I get the error that > 31 indexes is not supported. I only have 30, am I missing something?

140922 12:08:42 Percona XtraDB ( 5.1.73-14.6 started; log sequence number 1102864377356
xtrabackup: export option is specified.
xtrabackup: export metadata of table 'va_tom/call_history' to file `./va_tom/call_history.exp` (30 indexes)
xtrabackup: name=PRIMARY, id.low=2417, page=3
... (another 29 indexes)
xtrabackup: error: sorry, cannot export over 31 indexes for now.
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