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Feature request - a native Percona plugin instead of HandlerSocket ?

SargeSarge EntrantCurrent User Role Beginner
With all respect to Percona - but why use third-party HandlerSocket instead of an own Percona solution ?

Percona developers could create a native Percona plugin what allows to perform some of MySQL operations (simple ones only) like SELECT or INSERT - but applying to MySQL as to NoSQL - same what HandlerSocket does.

It can be used by own Percona syntax for such commands, let's say
SELECT id, title, date - applies to MySQL using standard way, but specific syntax like
SELECTNS id, title,date - or - INSERTNS id, title,date - Percona understands as NoSQL query and perform it accordingly using a native analog of HandlerSocket.

It would be ideal for simple bulk operations where language is simple but SPEED is important.
Just an idea for developers, but why not ?
Great successes to Percona team anyway !
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