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Remote PXC Node

dannygdannyg EntrantInactive User Role Beginner

we are a running 3 node PXC cluster which is working great, i need to add more nodes to the cluster in a remote location for testing purposes, i wonder what is the best way to setup the link between the servers ? VPN Tunnel ? simple SSH tunnel ? or perhaps nothing at all and just use iptables for added security to limit the connection to specific IP's ?



  • no1youknowzno1youknowz Contributor Inactive User Role Beginner
    I suggest going for OpenVPN as you create a persistent tunnel, I set it up myself, pretty easy to do.

    If you are going to use ssh tunnel, then use autossh as it will automatically bring up the tunnel when the connection is re-established.

    If you go for nothing, then well everything is transmitted in clear text.

    Finally, if you decide to do SSL replication, there is a huge over-head. About 20% more.

    So yeah, openvpn is the way forward. I have it setup between a mysql instance at a data center and aws in a private subnet. the replication is solid and near instant.
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