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Why can't I checksum all databases with pt-table-checksum?

kubilaykubilay EntrantInactive User Role Participant
I am using pt-table-checksum between mysql5.0 master - mysql5.1 slave.

Initially the configuration on the master was to replicate only one database (kdb). Then I have removed the filters (replicate_do_db, binlog_do_db) and now replication works between all the other databases. For example I create a user on master and it replicates all grants and the user to the slave. This is good so far.

But when I run pt-table-checksum again on the new setup of full replication, it still only displays the old database and it doesn't checksum other databases i.e. mysql,test etc.

I only get output for one database kdb and not others. Viz:

03-07T09:51:00 0 0 36 1 0 0.047 kdb.t1
03-07T09:51:00 0 0 7 1 0 0.034 kdb.t2
03-07T09:51:00 0 0 15 1 0 0.076 kdb.t3

What could I be doing wrong?

Many thanks.



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