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innobackupex --apply-log (database backup prepare step fails)

gblazergblazer EntrantCurrent User Role Beginner
I have a backup created on MySQL 5.1 InnoDB ​that I was able to restore before.

Now I download it, untar it, and attempt to run innobackupex --apply-log --use-memory=8G using these version

Instead I get the following error which suggests corruption of the backup.

Is there any way to look deeper into this black box?


  • niljoshiniljoshi MySQL Sage Inactive User Role Beginner

    Can you provide steps, how you took the backup? command line? Are you sure that backup was completed successfully?
    As per the log,
    140205  2:19:21  InnoDB: Operating system error number 2 in a file operation.
    InnoDB: The error means the system cannot find the path specified.
    xtrabackup: Warning: cannot open ./xtrabackup_logfile. will try to find.
      xtrabackup: 'ib_logfile0' seems to be 'xtrabackup_logfile'. will retry.

    Are you sure all files are properly untar from the backup? it seems above files are not there and backup is corrupted.

    140205  2:19:21  InnoDB: Error: space id and page n:o stored in the page
    InnoDB: read in are 553091072:4913, should be 0:327693!
    InnoDB: Database page corruption on disk or a failed
    InnoDB: file read of page 327693.
    InnoDB: Ending processing because of a corrupt database page.
    innobackupex: Error: 
    innobackupex: ibbackup failed at /usr/bin/innobackupex line 386.
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