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Help with Mysql with 100K+ Table

infdude666infdude666 ContributorCurrent User Role Beginner
Hi im trying to develop a database design in which its gonna have 100K+ tables residing in it.
My major concern here is will Mysql be able to hold that much amount of tables with no performance degrade.
Also mysql has a limit of open_file_limit of 64K but i know it can be overcome with ulimit, but again what would be the effect on performance when i have huge open files.
i dont want to have Error:24 in long run.
Also whats other parameter should i tune or have to keep in mind.
Did anyone try to have 100K+ tables in their environment with good performance???
My Server will be running Percona 5.6.14 x64 on RAID10 with BBU and 30GB RAM.

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