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Replication sync tool without restarting master

abhilashkabhilashk EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
Hi All,


I am new to this forum.
Can any one help me in the following scenarios:
1. I have a master to slave setup of mysql running on windows
2. Replication breaks every now and then.
3. Every time we are configuring it with taking backup of master [with locking], then transferring to slave, restore and reset slave which will infer downtime and doing it during late night hours.
4. Please let me know is there any way re-configure the replication in case of a failure without restarting and locking the master server database [i mean without any downtime]
5. Any help is highly appreciated.
6. MySQL version is 5.5 community and not enterprise one.
7. Can this XtraBackup tool suits my requirement?

Please help.


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