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pt-query-digest no longer has --execute option?

WheresWardyWheresWardy ContributorInactive User Role Beginner
I was using a previous version of pt-query-digest to watch the slow log and execute SELECT queries on another server, like so:
tail -f -n0 slow-log | pt-query-digest --no-report --execute h=server,u=username,p=password --filter '$event->{fingerprint} =~ m/^select/'

When I try and run this with the latest version of pt-query-digest (2.2.4) I get "Unknown option: execute". Is it still possible to replicate the behaviour I'm looking for in the latest version?


  • mirfanmirfan Database Administrator Inactive User Role Beginner
    There are few options which are obsoleted in latest version of pt-query-digest tool e.g. --execute --mirror etc.
    If you still need that functionality you can use old version of pt-query-digest. or you can use percona playback tool
  • WheresWardyWheresWardy Contributor Inactive User Role Beginner
    Thanks for the update, I shall look into Percona Playback. Are you able to filter the slow log for certain queries (in this case SELECT) like you were with pt-query-digest fingerprinting?
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