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can pt-query-digest support query call count trend?

rj03hourj03hou EntrantCurrent User Role Beginner
can pt-query-digest support query call count trend?

when I find the slave is delay, I need to know why, sometimes it's not very obvious. So I use pt-query-digest to digest two different time section to compare, to find if some query rise too much.
pt-query-digest --since="2013-09-26 22:35:00" --until="2013-09-26 22:45:00" --type=binlog mysql-bin.000806.sql>2235
​pt-query-digest --since="2013-09-26 22:25:00" --until="2013-09-26 22:35:00" --type=binlog mysql-bin.000806.sql>2225


  • mirfanmirfan Database Administrator Inactive User Role Beginner
    pt-query-digest do support query call count. There is high summarized view of the unique events for pt-query-digest report. Fourth column in that contains "CALLS" column which points to the number of times the query executed. You can read more about it in pt-query-digest documentation.

    # Profile
    # Rank Query ID Response time Calls R/Call Apdx V/M Item
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