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Simple "bug" in code (for AIX).

MichaelFeltMichaelFelt EntrantCurrent User Role Beginner
Hello all,

I am working on compiling and packaging mariadb for AIX - and while doing my first attempt on mariadb 5.5.31 I ran into a number of compiler errors first reported at that resulted in these changes:

The changes are minor - and even though AIX is not supported officially (same (i.e., no support) as Percona) I am hoping you will make the needed changes so that the IBM compiler will compile. From mariadb I hear:
1. XtraDB - ... did not fix any comments in XtraDB, because Percona
   maintains XtraDB, not we. And (mariadb maintainers) would prefer to avoid diverging from
   the upstream. .... It's a trivial
   issue, perhaps they'll fix it, (as we did), even if they don't support AIX.

If I need to file a bug report, please point me in the right direction. If it can be corrected without that then mariadb will just pick it up and I will be fixed too.

Good day to all, thank you for your consideration.


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