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Netcat data directory to Xtrabackup?

jmusbachjmusbach EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
Hello, I was wondering...if I were to want to take a backup off a production server but its load is too high for xtrabackup to complete in a timely manner when run on the same server could I have xtrabackup run remotely on another server and read the mysql data directory over net cat? I've seen a lot of guides online for sending a streaming backup result over netcat, but not the reverse of sending the data directory to xtrabackup via netcat. Is this possible at all? We think this'd be more preferable then just having a NFS share lying open to the mysql data directory and I couldn't find any documentation online regarding this which is the reason for the inquiry. Thanks.

EDIT: I see from #3 that the official recommendation is to run xtrabackup on the same machine as the mysql server instance. Does this mean that 1) my inquiry of it reading from net cat is not possible and 2) not even having it read the data dir over NFS would be feasible?


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