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building percona-xtrabackup, do I need to match&DL *exact* MySQL point version?

darxdarx EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
i'm building percona-xtrabackup from source,

bzr co lp:~percona-core/percona-xtrabackup/2.1 percona-xtrabackup
cd percona-xtrabackup
AUTO_DOWNLOAD="yes" ./utils/ innodb56
src/xtrabackup_56 --version
src/xtrabackup_56 version 2.1.3 for MySQL server 5.6.10 Linux (x86_64) (revision id: undefined)

i understand the AUTO_DOWNLOAD step pulls the sources for MySQL 5.6.10.

my server actually runs MySQL 5.6.12.

do i need to 'match' percona-xtrabackup to the EXACT point version of MySQL, changing "" to reference version 5.6.12, rather than 5.6.10?


  • miguelangelnietomiguelangelnieto Member Inactive User Role Beginner
    There is no need to build xtrabackup against a specific version of MySQL. You can use 5.6.10 sources and then use xtrabackup with 5.6.12. If that restriction existed we would need to have a different xtrabackup for each MySQL revision, a real pain :) Try to build it and if you have any problem feel free to ping us here.
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